Sterile Processing Technician Courses

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SPT 100|Foundations of Sterile Processing

6 Credits

Formerly HCST 100, SPT 100

This course is designed to prepare students for entry-level opportunities within the central service and material management setting. Fundamentals of sterile processing are discussed in the context of today's diverse perioperative environment. Students learn basic technical concepts within the scope of the central service department. Topics include supply chain management, purchasing and inventory management concepts, recommended standards of practice for instrument and equipment processing, safety regulations, and the impact of effective customer service on quality patient care. $11.40 lab fee.


Students must be accepted into the Sterile Processing Technician Program prior to enrolling.

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SPT 150|Sterile Processing Clinical

12 Credits

Formerly HCST 150, SPT 150

This course provides students the opportunity to apply central service and material management concepts within the context of a clinical internship. Students perform technical skills within the scope of the central service department. Skills include cleaning and disinfecting medical devices, preparing items for sterilization, inspecting and assembling surgical instrumentation, operating sterilization equipment, and storing surgical equipment and supplies. $10.72 per quarter malpractice insurance fee.


Completion of SPT 100 and HSCI 147 with a 2.0 or better in both.

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