Phlebotomy Courses

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PHLEB 100|Phlebotomy I

4 Credits

This lecture is the first course of a two-course sequence. Medical terminology and basic anatomy are introduced. Students learn skill development in the performance of blood and specimen collection methods using proper techniques and standard precautions. Emphasis is on safely collecting specimens from clients across the life span utilizing a variety of collection devices. The principles of infection prevention and safety with specimen collection are emphasized. Communication techniques and maintaining patient data are presented. Students must pass this course with 75 percent or better in order to continue into the subsequent course, PHLEB 101. $10.72 per quarter malpractice insurance fee.


Acceptance into the Phlebotomy program at CBC.

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PHLEB 101|Phlebotomy I Lab

5 Credits

This clinical course is the second class of the two-course sequence. This class requires 120 hours of supervised clinical experience in various medical facilities throughout the regional area. The 120 clinical hours are arranged by the instructor. Students need to accommodate the hours of the facility where they are assigned, and complete the 120 hours within the quarter. Clinical facility hours may begin as early as 6 am and end as late as 6 pm, Monday through Saturday. Students who successfully complete both courses (9 credits total) with a 75 percent or better will receive a certificate of completion from Columbia Basin College with academic credit. $10.72 per quarter malpractice insurance fee. $11.40 lab fee.


Completion of PHLEB 100 with a 3.0 or better.

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